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The Weather outside is frightful…

Dec 7, 2018 | General

The Weather outside is frightful…

Dec 7, 2018

We apologise for bringing this up, but Christmas isn’t far away. Along with the festive season comes the bad weather which can disrupt staff from getting to and from the office.
But what can you do if they are unable to get to office? Are your staff equipped to be able to work from home if the elements have stopped them from getting into the workplace.
We have a few solutions available to you that would be able to prevent the disruption to your business, and not just during the festive period.
VPN’s allow users to work from home and access your server and other devices as if they were in the office, giving them access to their documents saved on the server, printers or even programs on a remote desktop connection. Most servers are capable of running the VPN’s without any additional equipment, but if your server isn’t capable of running a virtual private network then most business orientated routers have this function available.
But what about the phones? I hear you cry. Who will answer them if the staff are not in the office? We have a solution for this too, moving to a VOIP system (Voice over internet protocol) your staff would be able to take their handset home and answer calls as if they were in the office as long as they have an Internet connection.
But the above solutions don’t have to be just used for when the weather gets tough. It could also be used to enable you to allow your staff more flexible working by allowing them to regular work from home without loss of functionality.
Are you interested in what solutions we have to offer or would like to know more? Contact our office on 01455 611557 and our engineers would be able to advise and get the ball rolling.