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VoIP allows you to make and receive low-cost telephone calls through an internet connection.

As a UK based VoIP provider, Erud IT can help with a greatly reduced phone cost and the complete flexibility to manage your own VoIP telephone system.

Unlike traditional legacy based telephone systems that are run through the ISDN or an onsite PBX. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) runs through your existing internet using just an app on your mobile phone or a VoIP handset.

Some VoIP features as standard include:

  • Easy voice mail to email
  • IVR menus (Interactive Voice Response) – Can be custom
  • Call monitoring & recording
  • Custom music/prompts for holding
  • Out of hours  can be redirected to mobile
  • Easily work from home as longs as there is an internet connection
  • No need for onsite PBX