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Security & Anti-virus

 Whether your business is just starting out or is established, there are a few things that you should expect from the security software you use daily. At ESET, they feel that running security software in the business environment should be easy and simple. With over 25 years of pioneering experience in the anti-malware industry, ESET’s security software is considered one of the fastest and most effective on the market as affirmed by a host of industry awards.

ESET Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange
ESET Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange blocks all types of email borne malware and spam. It scans your email traffic with industry leading precision, low system footprint and high scanning speed – so slowdowns will be a thing of the past.
Your companies email server is a vital hub for productivity – and also an appealing attack surface for malware, phishing scams and spam. Protecting your email is one of the most important aspects of computer security. As cybercriminals methods become increasingly sophisticated, safeguarding your mail server becomes a crucial component to your company wide security protocols.
ESET Endpoint Encryption
Data is an integral part of modern business. When data is moved from place to place, whether it’s via the internet or physical storage, it is vulnerable. Proactively protect your data with Endpoint Encryption. You can meet your data security compliance obligations with a single MSI package. Full disk and removable media encryption keeps your data safe on the road. File, folder and email encryption keeps any collaboration across your established workgroups and teams; with your security policy enforced at all endpoint by the Endpoint Encryption Enterprise Server.
ESET Endpoint Protection Advanced Cloud

This is another cloud-based system that allows for the centralised management of your company’s security.

Unlike with Cloud Office Security, this allows for the admin to build a network of managed security devices that allows for the instant deployment of user configured tasks. These tasks can be deployed on each local PC or at a companywide level.

Another advantage of this product is that it sends real-time notifications for any threats that your devices may encounter whilst also dealing with them accordingly to minimise the user’s downtime.

ESET Endpoint Security
Protect your Endpoints without compromising on network or individual system speed and stability. Defend your network with antivirus, antispyware and antispam protection. Keep employees effective and focused by blocking access to non-work sites on a machine by machine basis or companywide. Extend the lifespan of your hardware and keep them running smoother for longer with our very low system footprint and small update packages. Their extensive reporting functionality keeps your IT admins abreast of the latest goings on in your network, allowing them to react quickly and efficiently to any problems.
ESET Cloud Office Security

ESET Cloud Office Security (ECOS) is a cloud-based system which protects all your Microsoft 365 products within a centrally managed console, allowing you to check the status of your devices in a clear and easy to understand view.

With its use of advanced anti-malware technology, you will not have to be worried about receiving malicious files again as this scans all incoming emails and attachments.

Any detections that are picked up, are sent straight to a quarantine which an admin can inspect and decide whether to release the email or delete it.