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Screens & Display Stands

At a guess, you are reading this on a screen on your desk, there will be various bits of paper, some pens, calculator and the normal business items strewn liberally around the desk, and like most people in business – you wish your desk was twice the size but you just don’t have the space?

So would moving the monitor with help, maybe lift it up off the desk, not only will this clear desk space, but it will give you a much better posture as well ( no more back ache!) And if that’s not enough, what about 2 screens or 3?

Some modern computers will run 2 screens out of the box, or can do so with a minimal costing upgrade, and think how effective and productive some of your staff such as accounts would be if they could have Sage open on one screen and the bank, a spreadsheet, emails, or customer data open on the other screen?

We can provide Ergotron display arms, wall mounts and screens (and cordless keyboards and mice) and offer advice, consultancy and installation on setting up multiple screens, or even just giving you a little more desk space.

Not convinced? Give us a call or pop in and see us! We might even lend you some large screens and set you up, just to try!

We Can Provide:
We can provide a large variety of screens for all of your business requirements, from any manufacturer, and can also assist explaining the technology behind the screens and the advantages.
We can provide touch screens, desktop screens, high definition screens and commercial displays and large televisions as well, so why not give us a call and discuss your requirements with us?