Computer Screens & Display Stands

Computer Screens & Display Stands

At a guess, you are reading this on a screen on your desk.  A computer screen  is the most used part of a computer, yet one of the ones where the budget is kept low and where the technology is less understood than the actual computer, but we wont bore you with that today.

Picking a good computer screen is essential for productivity in the office, having enough “display real estate” to get all of your work, drawing, etc is a massive boon to productivity. Multiple screens or using Windows 10 “split screen” will make your working day much easier. Selecting a screen with anti glare / blue light filter technology if you work for long periods will ease your eye strain, and having a good aftermarket display stand will not only clear your desk space, but will ensure that the screen is the right height and distance for daily use. As an additional bonus you will be able to swivel your screen for presentations or showing clients information.

Most modern PC’s and laptops will run multiple screens out of the box, so its just a case of picking the right ones for what you are doing.

We offer free advice and product sourcing, we can take into account ergonomics and best practices and ensure your employee’s are happy and productive and have less risk of injury and sickness from a poor workspace. We aren’t tied to any brand and can work with you and your budget.

There are a few essential tips below for display use in any business;

Display Tips;

  • it is recommended the top of your monitor is at eye level (or for a really large screen your eyes are 3/4 of the way up the screen).
  • Moving the screen so it is around 20″ away from your eyes is also really good for you, maybe having a nice, stylish screen stand can help with that?
  • Tilting the monitor back a few degrees will also help with posture as well, and will help with your eyes too as it will reduce glare.
  • If you wear bifocal spectacles, put the monitor a little lower and tilt it more, it will really help!
  • Take a 5-10 minute break from your screen every hour (this doesn’t mean don’t work, just do something else)

Need help sourcing the right screen for your PC, maybe a large commercial display for a presentation in an office or shop window?

why not pop in and see us! We have a variety of screen sizes and screen stands to help you find the right one for you.

Call us now on 01455 611557 for assistance with any displays / screens you have

IPS Monitors

IPS (In Plane Switching) monitors are designed with a technology that allows wider viewing angles, faster screen response times and very good colours along with brighter contrasts.

They are a great screen for business use, especially if you have to have multiple people looking at your screen.

LED Monitors

LED (Light Emitting Diode) monitors are designed with a technology that uses less power, and they last a lot longer than older LCD monitors, they have good colour definition and better contrasts and also have a lower environmental impact

They are a great screen for business use if you are on a budget or have a lot of staff and don’t share screens or present to people.

Commercial Displays

Commercial Displays are screens that are the size of most TV’s and are used in presentations and window displays but they are different.

These screens have a smaller pixel than that of a TV meaning you can be closer and still get a good image and they don’t normally come with any TV software / TV tuner. A lot of commercial displays will also have wireless built in and the ability to run presentations from a memory stick.

If you are using a standard TV for a display, presentation or video and people are getting close, they will miss what you are presenting and will possibly get some eye strain too!

Why not contact us today on 01455 611557 and have a chat with us about commercial displays for your business

LCD Monitors

LED (Liquid Crystal Display) monitors are designed with a technology that uses less power and good anti glare technology but they can appear too bright at times. They can also blur if you are running any videos or moving graphics. They are prone to lots of damage if touched too hard or dropped

They are an older technology, if you still have an LCD we would recommend upgrading to an LED or IPS monitor for a much better experience.

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