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Printers & Toners

Have you ever looked at how much your business printing costs are overall? The amount might surprise you. The cost of ink, toner, paper, power, drums all add up and printing is expensive.

We can help you significantly reduce your printing costs, not by selling you cheap toner or ink – that too is a false economy in the long term, but by reducing your printing, and by making sure you have the right printer for the quantity you print. Printer manufacturers are very clever. They will sell you the printer cheaper than the cost of making it in order to sell you toner or ink, which is one of the most expensive common items in the world per ton!

Standard home printers and inkjet business printers use ink, a full set of inks typically cost £50.00 and you get around 300 pages or print, if you print photo’s or pictures, this will be a lot less.

Business laser printers cost around £200.00 to fill up with toner, and you get around 5000 pages of print (again less with pictures, but these cannot do photo quality).

But what does this mean?

Every page you print on an inkjet printer costs you around 16 pence per page, Laser printers cost around 4 pence per page. If you use 4 reams of paper per month (2000 sheets) with an inkjet printer it will cost you £320.00, the same with a laser printer £80.00.

And what about if we halved the paper usage too? Automatic printing on both sides can reduce your paper cost by half as well.

So, before you go out and buy a cheap inkjet printer, think of the money you will save by contacting us and letting us help you find a printer based on your business requirements!

And on top of that, we can also offer original toners at very competitive pricing! Don’t be fooled by inferior compatible toners, they can cause issues with your printer, give poor quality colours and they invalidate your warranty on the printer and can cause damage.

Come and speak to us regarding your printing, we are here to help!