Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft 365


Microsoft 365 is a cloud subscription email service, data storage and Microsoft Office Software. There are different products which you can add to your subscription. These all have their different benefits and it’s all about trying to find the best one to suit your business and its needs;

  • Microsoft 365 Business Basic – 50Gb Mailbox, 1Tb of Cloud Storage, web only versions of Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft 365 Apps for Business – Microsoft Office Software Only
  • Microsoft 365 Business Standard – 50Gb Mailbox, 1Tb of Cloud Storage, installable versions of Microsoft Office

Microsoft 365 emails are a fantastic business tool allowing synchronisation between mobile, PC / Laptop and a web version. In addition you will have access to Microsoft Teams for excellent collaboration & communication. These mailboxes come with a 50Gb Limit which is generally more than enough for most businesses.

OneDrive (storage) is also a great business option with a whopping 1Tb of personal storage (OneDrive) which is private to you. Another 1Tb of central company storage (SharePoint) which is shared to all company staff (This can be restricted). In addition also has the OneDrive app which synchronises data to your PC / Laptop / Mac and not only this but a mobile phone app enabling you to access files on the move.

Please Note: Microsoft Office does NOT include a backup system, you will still need to backup up these systems to prevent potential data loss!

There are other packages available with larger mailboxes, additional security benefits, additional storage plans and a host of Microsoft software. Call us on 01455 611557 and we can help you find what’s right for your business

Collaborate, Share and communicate.

Microsoft 365 helps you achieve more with flexible, secure tools that work the way you do. When you move to a new computer your licence moves with you. Traditional methods of Office licences would mean that when your product has been activated on a certain computer it can’t be migrated when you get a new PC. It also means that your product will always be up to date and running the latest version of Office. Each office product is only a few pounds per month and talking to our expert engineers they will be able to easily advise you and carry out the migration for you.

As Microsoft Office 365 is licenced to users, they can also install their licence on up to 5 devices!

Microsoft 365 licences are purchased on a monthly or annual term

  • Microsoft 365
  • Azure AD (Manages users / computer logons)
  • Microsoft 365 Business Basic
  • Microsoft 365 Business Standard
  • Microsfoft 365 Apps

Microsoft Office 365 also includes a version of Microsoft Azure which will link your Office 365 accounts to your computer logins. This is secured with Multi Factor Authentication for additional security and gives a business centralised password management.

All of our IT Support contracts offer free Office 365 management when you take out a Microsoft Office 365 Business Subscription through us, take a look at our IT Support packages here.

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