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New Year Message

It’s been a strange year for us here at E2.

In January we pressed ahead with our plans to rebrand ahead of our office move. We knew we were moving but didn’t know where to at that stage!

In April we announced our new name. An evolution happened. Erud IT became E2! E meaning Erud and the 2 being it’s second era. Also the 2 is squared. We put all of our services in a box. Four core services; collaborate, communicate, security and surveillance, and digital marketing.

At around the same time we moved to our lovely new premises in Elmesthorpe. Surrounded by fields and in a building that’s allowing us to expand, we are going from strength to strength.

In May we were hit with the devastating news that our lovely Tyler had cancer. But true to form he spent the entire summer having treatment without complaining! No really. Not once! Tyler and the team were so very grateful for the support of our amazing clients. We raised over 2k for charity and Tyler eventually rang the bell in October. We are so proud of him and he continues to stay healthy.

We also welcomed 2 new members to our team. Ann joined us earlier on in the year and you can speak to her about all of your account enquiries. Sam joined us in the summer as an apprentice engineer and is coming along in leaps and bounds!

As we leave 2021 behind and begin 2022, we’ll all be raising a glass to our customers for your continued support.

May our 2022 be healthy and prosperous.