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Malicious attacks!

We are seeing a large increase in malicious attacks that using genuine email accounts that appear to be from trusted contacts. These emails contain a link to download a document which is believed to be from a trusted sender. By clicking the on link, it would take you then to a website which looks like OneDrive or another cloud drive service and will ask for user credentials.
Also, there are some emails which appear to be from Microsoft regarding your account and that this could be suspended or deleted if you don’t go to their website and provide them with your user credentials. The end users who receive these emails are willingly providing these fake websites with their logins to their own emails and computers.
Once they have access to your system, they have either deleted or encrypted the user’s emails and documents. As well time and cost to repair and attempt to recover the files it is also a breach against the general data protection regulation which came into force on May 2018.
There are many products and steps that could be installed on your computer and systems to protect your valuable data. Such as ESET’s two factor authentication and encryption products. But often the weakest link is staff who are not always aware of security threats and often still believe that they come in the form of an email from Nigerian prince who wants to give them a large amount of money and just need’s a few bank details.
Always be cautious when downloading files, opening links and entering passwords. If ever in doubt we are available to help users to identify if the email is genuine or not.