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Laptops & Computers

Desktop computers, tablet computers and notebooks / laptops can be a minefield for business, everyone wants “the biggest numbers” in their specification however for business, bigger isnt always better!

Our team are happy to work with you, explain what the numbers are and put them into perspective – unless you are a design led, photo heavy business you don’t need massive hard disks, super fast processors and glowing lights, reliability, scalability and warranties are the key business requirements.

Reliability because you don’t want your staff having downtime, Scalability so if you do need an extra boost of speed, they can be upgraded at minimal cost, and warranties are important to ensure a fast turnaround should the worst happen!
All of our business computers and laptops are business level, with Windows Professional software, and we ensure you have systems that are reliable, scalable and have good warranties.

We can supply, preconfigure, deliver, install and offer basic training on all new systems, we can install your programs such as Sage, Provide good antivirus / endpoint security and transfer all of your data.

Business Computers don’t have to be a pain, so next time your thinking of “popping to PC world” or “having one built to order” – STOP, think about the long term, give us a call, and we can offer some simple, free advice, and of course competitive pricing!