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Enjoy hassle-free IT support for your business

Whether you’re based in the UK or beyond, we can provide affordable IT support for your business.
Our team can help with one-off projects, or offer an ongoing support with a monthly IT maintenance contract. And however you choose to use our services, you’ll receive advice and help from professional IT engineers who speak plain English, not Geek!

We believe in transparency with our clients and publish all of our contract and labour pricing online, it can be viewed here:

We offer three options for business IT support:
Our monthly IT Support Contract

For this you receive:

  • An initial assessment of your IT system – we highlight potential problem areas and show you where improvements can be made
  • IT experts, dedicated to your business – we quickly learn your system requirements and take care of ‘behind the scenes’ work to keep your IT running smoothly and efficiently
  • Unlimited email support – email us with your IT problems or amendments, at no extra charge
  • A quarterly IT maintenance visit – regular maintenance keeps your IT system healthy and prevents unwanted IT interruptions. If a visit isn’t required, we offer a two hour consultancy instead
  • Discounted rates for site visits – we only charge from the arrival time of our engineer

See the fees for our monthly IT Support Contract here.
For a no obligation chat about our monthly IT Support Contract, call: +44 (0) 1455 611557, or email us: enquiries@erudit.co.uk. You can also use our contact form.

Emergency IT Support

Our ‘help me NOW!’ option means that you can get instant advice over the phone and a prompt response for a site visit. Click here for our fees.
Call us now on: +44 (0) 1455 611557. Or, for out of hours requests, email us: enquiries@e2ts.co.uk, or use our contact form.

'Pay as you go' IT Support
Choose our non-contract IT Support for help with small, medium or large IT projects. We receive a variety of IT requests, but to give you an idea of the scope of our services, our skilled IT engineers can help you with:

  • Installing PCs
  • Solving software niggles
  • Adding or removing users
  • Finding and eradicating viruses

Click here to see our fees.
To contact us about your IT project, call: +44 (0) 1455 611557. Or you can get in touch by email: enquiries@erudit.co.uk, or via our contact form.