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IP Surveillance & Network Video

IP Surveillance – sounds very cloak and dagger doesn’t it? It isn’t, it’s just the modern way of having “CCTV” over an existing network.

Gone are the days of having separate cables ran, having the expense of power sockets, we can add an IP Camera (A camera that runs over your computer network either by a cable , or wireless) to your systems simply, with much less installation costs.

Wired IP Cameras are just that, you have a network cable from your standard network to the camera, and you can view the camera via software, through internet explorer (Or Chrome / Firefox), on most mobile phones and you can record to your computer taking advantage of all that space!

We can also provide POE (Power over Ethernet) IP network cameras which only need a network cable and no mains to work. Wireless IP Camera’s work almost the same, although they only need power and connect to your existing wireless system. And both of the above camera’s can have any or all of the following features:

    • Digital / Optical Zoom
    • PTZ (Pan / Tilt / Zoom so you can move hat the camera looks at)
    • Onboard recording (The cameras can record to a memory card in the camera)
    • Tripwire – Want to know when someone is going through a door, auto-detection can email you a picture
    • Day / Night Vision
    • Vandal Proof
    • Remote Audio (2 way) so add a microphone / speaker and you can communicate via the camera’s

    And that is just the start. For a full consultation and review of your CCTV systems, or if you require any assistance with Network Video Recorders, CCTV / IP Cameras then call us for a professional consultation.