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Ergonomics and the Office

Jan 31, 2020 | Ergonomics, General

Ergonomics and the Office


noun: ergonomics

  1. the study of people’s efficiency in their working environment.

In short, ergonomics looks at how we work and what can be improved upon to increase our productivity and output.
Addressing ergonomic issues can help to reduce sickness from Musculo Skeletal Disorders and  maximise productivity and efficiency.
The ultimate goal is to optimise the working environment to fit the worker. If you are working in front of a computer then the aim would be to reduce eye strain, neck and back issues and RSI.

Standing desks

Humans were not made for just sitting down. We should be moving!  The nature of a desk job means that we can be sedentary for up to 60% of the day!
Employees who stand or take a regular break from sitting down all day can burn more calories and improve their wellbeing compared to those who remain seated all day.
One way to combat this is with a height adjustable desk, or “Standing Desk”.  You should get up and stretch at least once an hour if you are sitting down all day, but with a standing desk you dont have that issue. A height adjustable desk allows you the best of both worlds. You might prefer different heights for different tasks, ie one height for writing and another for computer work. This allows you the freedom of movement throughout the day. You shouldn’t stand up all day though! Give yourself a rest and sit down for some of the time.
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In the next blog I’ll talk about vision and posture.