Laptops & Business Computers

Business computers, business laptops & workstations can be confusing for businesses. Everyone wants “the biggest numbers” in their specification. For business computers however, bigger isn’t always better!
Our team are happy to  explain what the numbers are and put them into perspective. Unless you are a design orientated, photo heavy business you don’t need massive hard disks, super fast processors and glowing lights. Reliability, scalability and warranties are the key business requirements.

Reliability because you don’t want your staff having downtime.

Scalability so if you do need an extra boost of speed, they can be upgraded at minimal cost.

Warranties are important to ensure a fast turnaround should the worst happen!

All of our business computers and laptops are business grade. Installed with Windows Professional software. We ensure you have systems that are reliable, scalable and have good warranties.
We can supply, preconfigure, deliver, install and offer basic training on all new systems. Need your software installing (Sage, Antivirus, Office), no Problem! Even transferring all of your data ait will be ready on delivery.
Business Computers don’t have to be a pain. Next time your thinking of “popping to PC world” or “having one built to order”, STOP, think about the long term.

Give us a call on 01455 611557 and we can offer some simple, free advice, and of course competitive pricing!

Business Computers
Desktop computers are the workhorses of most businesses They are often referred to as Desktops (Small boxes to sit on your desk) or towers (larger boxes that sit on the floor).

There are some  differences between business computers and domestic computers to take into consideration;

  • Environment – Business computers tend to have less fans and use large heat sinks / passive cooling. This extends their life, especially in dusty environments.
  • Software – Business computers have added features in their software such as remote connectivity systems.
  • Warranty – Business computers tend to have much faster warranties, these are also generally on site warranties.

Selecting the right business system for you can be a nightmare, but we are here to help you pick the right business system for you.

We can supply any brand business computer system, however we do recommend Fujitsu based on performance, price & warranty.

Your new business computer can also be fully updated and configured before delivery.

For anything business PC related, please call us on 01455 611557

Business Notebooks / Laptops
Business Notebooks and Laptops are used a lot more with home working or for managers and mobile engineers, and there is a wealth of choice in style & design, weight and performance.

There are some differences in business laptops from domestic laptops that are worth bearing in mind when selecting your business laptop, these are;

  • Screen Size – Business laptops generally come with more screen sizes available as standard from 12″ up to 18″, the general laptop screen size is 15.6″.
  • Battery – Business laptops tend to have longer battery capacity, some have the option for a second battery.
  • Modular – a lot of business laptops are modular meaning you can add that second battery, extra storage space or even projectors on some!
  • Docking Stations – Some business laptops have docking stations to convert them into a “desktop” when you are working in the office or at home.
  • Port Replicators – similar to docking stations, a port replicator attaches via a USB cable and connects you to screens, keyboard & mice, etc while working at a desk.
  • Warranty – Business notebooks tend to have much faster warranties, these are also generally on site warranties.

Our selection of laptops covers all of the above and we will work with you to help you pick the right system for running your standard business programs ensuring you get 5-7 years of productive business use, minimal down time and the right laptop for your style of working.

We can supply any brand business notebook, however we do recommend Fujitsu based on performance, price & warranty.

We can even work with you to standardise your laptops so chargers are interchangeable and to help with hot desking offices.

Want to know more? Then please give us a call on 01455 611557

Business Workstations
A workstation or mobile workstation differs from a business PC or laptop considerably. They are designed for higher powered applications such as graphics design and Computer Aided Design (CAD). On face value they look very similar in design and specification.

If your business is very design/ CAD heavy you may find yourself struggling to run programs effectively, but don’t worry, we can help.

If you run CAD programs or design programs then you might want to consider a workstation, some of the features are:

  • System Specification – A workstation can have a server based processor and more Random Access memory (RAM) which delivers a LOT more power as standard. It can also be upgraded a lot more than a standard PC or laptop.
  • Modular – A workstation is generally module similar to business laptops.
  • Graphics – Workstation will have (Either as standard or an option) higher powered graphics cards designed to run business applications.
  • ISV Certification – This is certification by Independent Software Vendors (ISV).This means if you buy an ISV certified workstation it should run their software without issue.
  • Warranty – Business computers tend to have much faster warranties, these are also generally on site warranties.

We can supply any brand business computer system, however we do recommend Fujitsu based on performance, price & warranty.

If you have any requirement for a business workstation of mobile workstation we would be happy to help. Please give us a call on 01455 611557 for more information.

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